Book review: The Rage of Cthulhu – Gary Fry


I’ve read some damn good books recently and maybe I’m being a little harsh on this novella from Horrific Tales Publishing. Horrific Tales Publishing have released some great novellas in the past 12 months. Gary McMahon delivered a gem in ‘The Grieving Stones’, Paul Kane impressed with ‘The Rot’ and I also enjoyed John Llewellyn Probert’s ‘Dead Shift’. The splendid cover for ‘The Rage of Cthulhu’ and the title promise a great deal. Unfortunately Fry’s tale plods away and never really gets going until the final few pages and by then I’d almost lost interest.

George and his wife are about to go on a tour of the world after the discovery of a brain tumour in George’s head. We follow George and his wife travelling the world, with George stumbling upon links to the Cthulhu myth. Is it all simply playing out inside of George’s fragile mind or are the sightings and stories true?

One thing Fry does well with is creating that sense of dread and unease as our muddled protagonist George Cox discovers an abandoned foghorn station on the North-East coast of England. Upon entering he discovers the place has been attacked…but, by what exactly? Cox delves deeper into the mystery of the foghorn station and uncovers a dark past.

The atmosphere Fry creates is very typical of the Cthulhu mythos and is delivered well. We don’t really get to learn very much at all about George and Christine other than Christine being concerned about her husband’s sickness and of course George’s ill-health. The pacing is steady enough though it soon becomes a little repetitive as they hop from one place to the next making another discovery. There is nothing wrong with the way in which ‘The Rage of Cthulhu’ is written, it’s just nothing really new to get excited about. I’ve read hundreds of Cthulhu stories over the years and some writers have approached the mythos from a completely fresh and original angle, sadly ‘The Rage of Cthulhu’ is a little forgettable. It’s not all that bad, but not brilliant either. For me it’s just missing that bit of spark that separates it form the pack.

3/5 stars

Pick up a copy from here.

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