The Metal detector!


I’ve come across a few really good new metal bands recently and I thought I’d share them with you. I discovered them through various avenues such as Twitter (Deadtide & Bostok) and Australian magazine ‘Heavy’, who send me a ‘daily heads up’ via email which features the latest news put together by staff writers and outside contributors.

Deadtide are a New York/New Jersey based metal outfit that have a melodic death metal sound not too dissimilar from Swedish titans In Flames. The band is full of groove, melody and power! In vocalist Mike Metal they have a versatile and talented singer. They currently have two EPs out in ‘Ephemeral’ (which I just picked up from iTunes) and ‘The Great Unknown’, both of these are available through iTunes and various other avenues like Bandcamp. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, these guys are everywhere and they get The Grim Reader’s stamp of metal approval. Currently Deadtide are raising money to fund a music video over at Gofundme , so donate if you can and/or share around via your social media accounts. \m/


Deadtide Bandcamp

Bostok are an alternative metal band from Alicante in Spain. I really dig these guys too. Groove-filled guitars, a strong vocalist and some great moments of light and shade in their music. Check out their YouTube videos for the two excellent songs ‘Stop This’ and ‘The Feeling’. These guys are also all over social media and their album ‘Dichotomy’ is available from April 7th. I’m definitely giving my Spanish metal brothers The Grim Reader’s stamp of metal approval. Check them out!


Bostok Bandcamp

A couple of other bands I just found out about through ‘Heavy’ magazine are ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Trojans’. Both acts are based here in Australia with ‘Trojans’ hailing from ‘Sydney’ and Mirrors from Melbourne.

I just purchased the ‘Trojans’ new EP called ‘The Blissful Hollow’. It is killer stuff. They have a kind of Meshuggah vibe going on but with a bit more melody and a more linear structure to their songs. Check out ‘Trojans’ on Bandcamp via the link below and definitely give ‘The Blissful Hollow’ a listen.


Trojans Bandcamp

‘Mirrors’ are a four-piece metalcore outfit from Melbourne that also recently appeared on my radar thanks to ‘Heavy’ magazine. Great buzzing guitars, sharp vocals and great songs. Really enjoyed what I heard from these guys too and so I picked up their EP via iTunes. Check them out at the link below. The EP is called ‘Fools Paradise’.


Mirrors on iTunes

If you like the sound of these bands then throw your support behind them. Share their music, their videos, social media feeds and whatever else. If there are any other metal bands you think I should feature here or you think I’d enjoy listening to then drop me a line. Until next time, keep it Metal \m/

Check out Heavy Magazine here too – Heavy Mag

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