Words & Music with Calvin Demmer


Calvin Demmer joins me today to talk about words and music. Calvin is a writer with over 30 stories to his name and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. A fellow metal fan, Calvin talks about how music helps him with his writing, by providing a wall of sound that acts as a kind of canvas from which he is able to construct his stories. Calvin has a number of short stories available on Amazon. He works primarily within the dark fiction genre and is definitely one to watch!

Thanks to Mr Demmer for taking part in this series. You can find out more about him from the links at the bottom of the page. And huge thanks to all for once again tuning in. If you’d like to be a part of this series then have a look at previous entries to get a feel as to what it’s all about and then get in touch with me. It doesn’t need to be heavy metal, it can be anything YOU like to listen to. I am all around social media and my email address is on the contact page. Peace.


The Wall of Sound


Calvin Demmer

I’ve enjoyed music just as long as I’ve enjoyed writing. When I was about twelve or thirteen, I can recall writing tales of zombies and a possessed guitar. At the time, I was learning guitar as well and getting into bands like The Offspring (particularly the albums Smash and Ixnay on the Hombre) Nirvana (In Utero), Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Green Day, NOFX (The EP The Decline was different and cool), Pennywise etc. It didn’t take long for me to start uncovering the harder groups, mainly the thrash groups that were born in the eighties: Metallica (Master of Puppets and …And Justice for All were constants on my play-lists), Megadeth (Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia were big favorites), Testament, Anthrax etc.  From then on I discovered bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Stone Sour, Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Shadows Fall, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, System of a Down, Gojira, and many, many more.

When I began focusing on writing, I quickly discovered that you can’t always find the perfect circumstances to write. Fortunately, I’d heard about the “Wall of Sound” idea. It’s basically just blasting music while you write to avoid any outside distractions. The music then creates this wall between you and reality. I used this technique a lot in the beginning—sometimes I couldn’t even write unless the music was going. It didn’t matter if it was during a first draft or editing, and I’d say at least seventy-five percent of the time I had my headphones on. How much the music influenced or inspired me is hard to say, but I wrote thousands of words this way.

Since then, I’ve used music to help inspire my writing in other ways. Whether it’s just a great song getting you in the zone to write or creating a play-list to listen to while writing a particular scene, I’ve found many ways to blend my enjoyment of writing and music. I’ve even stepped out the hard rock and metal genres, for example: when I was writing a scene in a diner set during the fifties, I created a play-list of a bunch of songs from that time period and listened to them while I wrote. Nothing, however, beats cranking up some metal as I delve into my tales.

It’s fair to say that music has aided me greatly me as a writer. And it’s nice to know the “Wall of Sound” is always nearby.

— Calvin Demmer

These book covers were designed by George Cotronis. Make sure you check out Cotronis.com for more great covers and artwork.

Visit Calvin Demmer at Amazon here.

Visit CalvinDemmer.com here.

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