Book review: The Autumn War – Ani Fox


‘The Autumn War’ by Ani Fox is a little bit like James Bond meets Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger. It’s high-octane stuff with a protagonist that is quick-witted but even quicker on the trigger. The body count is high and head shots are a regular occurrence.

There is a lot to like about this debut novel from Ani Fox. The pacing is frantic, there are some cool characters and a lot of ideas at play. There are factions within factions, these covert syndicates are playing a game of chess with each other and they care little about who gets hurt. Our protagonist is called Spetz. Spetz is on a mission, looking for answers after the death of his family his journey takes him far and wide, pitting him against a host of bad guys including crazy scientists, genetically engineered super-humans and more.

Like I said earlier, fans of Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger books will find a lot to like here. Spetz is very much in the Ledger mould; a fast-talking bad-ass with an itchy trigger finger and the uncanny ability to pull off a head shot with the utmost of ease. The action scenes are well-played out and the writing is sharp. Spetz is at times a little too good, bordering on indestructible and I’d certainly like to see other areas of his personality explored in further books. Similarly with Zeus – a character who I’d like to have seen used a lot more I think. Zeus sounds great but serves as more of a background character and I was real keen for an epic confrontation between him and Spetz. Still, these are only minor niggles in a book where it is easy to lose yourself in the intricate plot, brutal action scenes and fast pacing.

‘The Autumn War’ is definitely a timely book, given everything that has happened between the US and Russia during the election. It is a story with other stories running in the background and it keeps you on your toes! ‘The Autumn War’ is a full-on cyberpunk thriller and a shed load of fun.

4/5 stars

Pick up a copy from here.

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