Dark review: Dark Moon Digest #26


The latest edition of Dark Moon Digest is amazing. It’s amazing for a couple of reasons. The first of these being that it is an emotional issue for the PMMP crew. Read the intro and the first story and you will see why. The second reason is the fiction. Dark Moon Digest is a quarterly magazine that doesn’t publish average stories. Issue #26 is certainly no exception and this particular issue features a gem of a story by T. Fox Dunham. It’s a totally weird, creepy creature story about a man who searches for his missing wife. He finds her in the most unusual place where she has become something totally new. I enjoyed this story so much, I read the thing twice. Yep, it’s that good. Elsewhere, Betty Rocksteady continues to impress with her short story work and again she delivers with a strange tale about a woman bitten by a bug. The creep-factor continues with a contribution from George Cotronis and I was also impressed with stories by Melanie Smith and newcomer Sam Rebelein whose tale had a little bit of Edward Lee in it I thought!

Elsewhere, Jay Wilburn returns with a non-fiction piece about ghost stories and how you can make them stand out. An interesting piece with some valuable tips for writers. Some typical Boothlike movie reviews provide some laughs, although Max thought Super 8 was a great movie so I take his opinions on movies with a pinch of salt.

Brian Justus closes the fiction out in some style with his tale of a couple slowly drifting apart after Connie is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This isn’t the only problem. Strange animal deaths and pale creatures lurk in the woods. And just what is Connie writing about in her journal? A creepy folk horror tale to finish things off. Splendid.

A little look back on 2016 for PMMP closes things out and this is one of the reasons I love this press. Their passion for books is infectious and they bust a gut to get their books into readers hands. They publish books by authors I admire and love to read. People like John C. Foster, Jessica McHugh and Kristopher Triana (yay! I spelt his name correct). You won’t find these books for sale at the airport newsagents shortly before you board a plane. You have to go seek them out, but when you do you will be sure glad that you did.

5/5 stars

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