Guest book review: Jack ‘Splatterpunk’ Bantry reviews PUNK ROCK GHOST STORY by David Agranoff


Punk Rock Ghost Story is a beautiful journey back-in-time to the early years of American hardcore punk. It’s part horror story and part nostalgic road trip. The novel centres round Nick and his band, People’s Uprising, as they set off on their first nationwide tour. Everything is in place except for the transport, until Nick stumbles upon a battered old van, while out on his bike. He immediately recognises the van as the one used by local 80’s hardcore band The Fuckers. Little is known about The Fuckers, they only released one 7inch and did the single tour, which ended prematurely when lead singer Frank Fucker mysteriously disappeared. Nick is a big fan of the band and recognised the van from the 7inch’s artwork. It’s set to be a perfect summer for Nick. The band’s his life and romance could be blossoming between Nick and the bassist, Ericka. They set off on tour, taking the same route the The Fuckers did twenty years earlier, even playing in the same cities. They find The Fuckers tour diary hidden away in the vans upholstery so they can trace the bands journey and find out what happened to Frank Fucker.

So what could go wrong?

Well, it seems the van might be haunted by the ghost of Frank Fucker!

Punk Rock Ghost Story, as the title suggests, is a ghost story set in the underground hardcore punk scene. David Agranoff describes the whole scene from the punk house to the way they organise the tour through Scene Reports in MRR with such authenticity that you can imagine that he’d been there at the time. And then there’s the enigma that is Frank Fucker, a man obsessed with the punk ethics. It’s Us Vs Them.

PRGS doesn’t just appeal to fans of horror fiction, but also all those punk rockers new and old. David builds the tension to boiling point. It’s a great book and I loved it! (Jack Bantry)

Read an insight into ‘Punk Rock Ghost Story’ by David Agranoff here.

Jack Bantry is the editor at Splatterpunk Magazine, a printed horror fiction zine from the United Kingdom. Issues 1-7 are currently sold out! Jack has also released chapbooks with fellow author Nathan Robinson and these are available from the above link. Last year saw the release of ‘Splatterpunk’s Not Dead’ – an anthology of horror fiction, featuring stories by Adam Cesare, Shane McKenzie, Jeff Strand and others…Pick up a copy from here.


Jack also has writing credits in a number of publications such as Dark Moon Digest and Creepy Campfire Quarterly from EMP Publishing. Thanks heaps to Jack for contributing to the site. Go check out his stuff!

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