Album review:Xenocide – Aversions Crown


Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Aversions Crown are back with a new album of space-infused death metal from which your ears will surely bleed. Lets have a look at what I thought…

Opening instrumental ‘Void’ is a melancholic passage of music that builds behind a steady drum beat. As the track progresses things turn more ominous. The band launches into first track ‘Prismatic Abyss’ which starts off slowly before exploding into a cacophony of punishing drums, guitars and vocals. It’s a great opening track with slamming breakdowns, tuneful guitar parts and the ferocious roar of vocalist Mark Poida. Track 2, ‘The Soulless Acolyte’ kicks off with a killer guitar riff that is sure to cause a stir live. Another bludgeoning track. ‘Hybridization’ is a five-minute assault on your ears. Punishingly heavy, direct and uncompromising. ‘Erebus is one of my favourite album tracks, mainly down to the guitar work during the chorus. Really nice. ‘Ophiophagy’ is another highlight. Some great guitar (again), dark lyrics and some excellent drumming. Great chorus on this one too and a break where Poida takes centre stage to spit venom over a quieter guitar. ‘The Oracles of Existence’ then jumps out at you and slaps you in the face. Another devastating tune, ouch!

We are settling into an album of crushing tunes and the pace doesn’t let up with ‘Cynical Entity’ and ‘Stillborn Existence’, both are devastating tracks. The machine-gun drums on ‘Cynical Entity’ being a particular highlight. ‘Stillborn Existence’ has a nice guitar/bass intro before settling into more familiar territory. The bass on this track is much more prominent than on other tracks and is a nice change. ‘Cycles of Haruspex’ has an intro that sounds like some kind of demon is trying to break out of the speakers but soon settles into familiar territory. ‘Misery’ has an almost old-school industrial-style beginning to it. Sounding a little like Die Krupps or Misery Loves Co (remember those guys?!). A haunting guitar plays during the chorus on this one, really impressive!

Final track, ‘Odium’, starts with perhaps a more traditional heavy metal riff but soon picks up pace, destroying everything in its path. Some great musicianship on this track. It’s one of my favourites on the album and is a great way to finish things off.

Overall ‘Xenoside’ is a strong album. Heavier than a ton of lead, though not without its more restrained, darkly atmospheric moments. A couple of the tracks can blur into each other a little and I’d like to see the band expand on some of the more melodic ideas on show here on future albums. That said, if you are a fan of death metal, metal-core, death-core, whatever sub-genre you want to place it in then Brisbane’s Aversions Crown won’t steer you wrong. The space themes explored in the lyrics are a little different and although I have no idea what prismatic abysses are, I do like the sound of them! Great stuff!

4/5 stars

Pick up a copy from here.

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