Book review: Megalodon Apex Predator – S.G. Larsson


It’s nearly the end of January and it’s time for the first shark book of 2017. Now, before we begin let’s get one thing clear. This is NOT literary fiction. It’s utter nonsense and I love it. I don’t want progressive character development, rich plotting, twists and turns. All I want is giant prehistoric sharks eating people and causing destruction. So, does ‘Megalodon Apex Predator’ do this? Why, yes! it does.

After a boat is destroyed and nearly everyone is devoured, including his father a young boy vows to locate and capture this prehistoric monstrosity to prove to the world what transpired. Now older and very wealthy, Sir Mallory enlists the services of a few army-types, a grumpy sea-captain and his two children (oddly enough) and a couple of others that merely serve as shark food. They venture out into the freezing waters of the Drake Passage – a place filled with hungry Megalodon sharks. The plan is to capture the famed Megalodon and take it to a base that Mallory has had built on Elephant Island where he will study and record the giant killers and prove to the world their existence.

‘Megalodon Apex Predator’ does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a lot of fun, a quick read and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. The sharks are ace and despite a few very silly occurrences I had a ball reading this. The main character is 12-year-old Will – a young chap desperate for his father’s attention, he forms a bond with Sir Mallory and members of the ship’s crew. No use in getting too friendly with anyone though as they often become impaled on the Megalodon’s teeth or swallowed whole! Will is quite likeable for a 12-year-old as are his sister and Dom Mack (first mate). He is pretty handy with hand grenades too! The rest, as I said are bait. As for Sir Mallory himself, I actually found him to be a little creepy if I’m being honest. He always seemed to be a little too complementary towards Will as if he wanted to be his father himself. Weird.

With the movie version of ‘Meg’ to be released later this year, sharks stories are going to be very popular again. If you’re looking for something to tide you over until Jason Statham comes along the you can do a lot worse than picking up ‘Megalodon Apex Predator’. F.U.N

3.5/5 stars

Pick up a copy from here.


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