Book review: SNAFU: Future Warfare


Although this isn’t the latest SNAFU anthology from Cohesion Press it is one I have been meaning to read for some time. I took my time with it, reading a story here and there in between breaks from novels and other books I have on the go.

As you can probably guess from the cover art, ‘SNAFU: Future Warfare’ takes Cohesion Press’ military infused sci-fi horror into the future where super soldiers are the order of the day, often battling alien hordes as the other worldly spawn seek to eradicate all traces of human life. If you love the ‘Gears of war’ and ‘Resident Evil’ games, alongside movies such as ‘Starship Troopers’, then the ‘SNAFU’ series will definitely appeal to you. It’s an anthology with big guns, big bugs, big action and some big names in genre fiction. Things get off to a great start with a story about a community of farmers who protect their lands and homes using armoured mechs. An alien horde comes through a portal/gate and the community comes together to make a stand. It’s action all the way with Alan Baxter’s story, reminding me of Aliens before there is a welcome change with ‘Kill Streak’ – a story about gaming and the possible future implications for being a top gun! I enjoyed this last one immensely and felt the author really nailed it.

Weston Ochse delivers a great novella from the Task Force Ombra universe, reminding us just how good of a writer he is. It is set in a future America where aliens known as ‘The Cray’ have taken over, a special task force is sent out to bring about their downfall. This novella sees Mason and two others come across a strange farming community where all is not as it seems. I love Weston’s work, his stories are always a little bit deeper and he touches on important subjects such as PTSD. Following the novella length story there are a couple of shorter stories before Mike Resnick spices things up once again with a tale that contains some very welcome humour and a love sick spacecraft.

Overall this is another good SNAFU anthology. A lot of the writers in this volume I wasn’t familiar with and it is good to see Cohesion Press giving these people a chance to share their stories. The writers I do know deliver great quality tales full of pulse-pounding action and suspense. If you like military infused sci-fi and horror then Cohesion Press are the publisher for you. I didn’t think this book was quite as good as ‘SNAFU: Hunters’, a couple of the shorts at the back end of the book were just ok for me, but it is still a hugely entertaining, bloody and action-packed read. Good stuff again from Cohesion Press.




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