Book reviews – Werewolf double header! Toneye Eyenot – Blood Moon Big Top & Dominic Stabile – Full Moon in the West


Two short reviews for a couple of Werewolf novellas I read recently. I love a bit of shapeshifting blood and guts and both of these novella length pieces delivered exactly what is needed to make a very cool Werewolf tale. Check them out!

Blood Moon Big Top – Toneye Eyenot

Toneye isn’t afraid to go for the juggler (see what I did there!) with Blood Moon Big Top, a book that has his trademark brutality stomped all over it. Young and old are despatched with reckless brutality in this tale of circus clown, Marbles, and his transformation into a flesh-ripping creature of darkness. An encounter with a young feral child leads to Marbles being bitten when stumbling through a forest one night. The clown is disowned by the circus due to his increasing ill-health after the bite and so begins Marbles resurrection and his quest to find his travelling family once again.

No punches are pulled by Toneye in this quick but entertaining novella, brimming with blood and guts. What makes this story stand out is its blend of clown horror and Werewolf myth. Both are familiar horror tropes but I don’t recall coming across both in the same story before and it’s an interesting and original take. The full transformation takes some time and Marbles’ kills become more and more gruesome as the wolf begins to take its hold.

It all leads to a great climax of carnage and horror.

Pick it up from here.

Full Moon in the West – Dominic Stabile

Dominic Stabile takes a different approach to the Werewolf myth, taking us to the old wild west in a brutal tale of revenge featuring a little bit of the witchcraft and the supernatural in the form of a pistol that captures souls.

Whilst only a short read, ‘Full Moon in the West’ does exactly what is necessary for a cool shapeshifting read. The six outlaws (Werewolves) responsible for murdering Tezcat’s wife and daughter are suitably horrible, displaying all the usual lycanthropic traits such as quick healing, great strength and speed and a disliking of silver. The story mainly takes place in and around the sheriff’s office where one of the outlaws is behind bars. What follows is a bloody shootout, ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ style tale with plenty of action, a cool soul-capturing weapon and a satisfying conclusion. Tezcat is an unlikely hero, not convinced that he is capable of taking his revenge, but cometh the hour, cometh the man!

I love a good Werewolf tale and this one is heaps of fun.

Pick up a copy of ‘Full Moon in the West’ from here.

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