Book review: Words – E. Lorn


Edward Lorn’s collection of literary fiction is a bit of a departure from his usually unsettling stories but one that stands tall and cements Lorn as a more than competent storyteller. Starting off with the cleverly disguised ‘Burrito’, Lorn serves up an excellent story about a man who will do just about anything to help out his grandson financially, including taking part in numerous eating competitions. I had a good laugh at this tale and the ending was particularly satisfying. ‘Skinny’ was a change of pace all together and really made me think after I finished reading it. A short piece but very well written. ‘Come’ was…errr…yeah, unusual, but in a weird sort of way I actually quite liked it. It was actually pretty funny and kind of creepy. I think it’s one of those stories you just have to go in blind reading and see how you feel at the end. ‘Margins’ is a unique story and very good. A sort of love story with a sad overtone. I loved the way this one came together and it probably my favourite story in the collection. I think that any lover of the written word will bond with this story, It’s immense. ‘Lounge’ is one that didn’t resonate too much for me but the last story (a true story!) was the icing on the cake. One of those stories where you can almost hear the author speaking to you inside your head. Brilliant.

‘Word’ was a great way to break up my other reads, which were heavy on horror and I’m glad I took the plunge and tried something a little different. Edward Lorn is a great storyteller and if you like his horror stuff I actually don’t see why you wouldn’t like this too. After all, a great story is a great story.

Pick up a copy fromĀ here.

Stay tuned. On Sunday Edward is stopping by to declare WAR ON CHRISTMAS! in the final BTB Storytellers of 2016.

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