Book review: Shit Luck – Tiffany Scandal


Tiffany Scandal’s ‘Shit Luck’ is a unique read for a couple of reasons. Reason one being that the story is told in the second person which isn’t often used at all and it works very well here. The second is that ‘Shit Luck’ is a genre mash-up of 80s style slasher horror (a little reminiscent of A Nightmare on Elm Street) and the bizarre.

The Bizzaro movement is one of the most intriguing and original out there. With ‘Shit Luck’, Tiffany Scandal lulls you into a false sense of security with a book that initially tells the story of a nameless woman who is having a pretty rough time of it both at work and in her personal life, perhaps some of it is autobiographical? I hope not, especially when things take a turn for the weird. The story suddenly takes an odd turn when she becomes pursued by a murderer. Everything sounds kind of standard so far but what if you were stuck inside some kind of purgatory that when you die you are unable to move forwards? To tell any more would really give away the direction this book moves in. What I will say is that Scandal’s prose is effortlessly readable and you can imagine being told this story late at night in a smokey bar. After a few more drinks you become more and more disorientated and the story seems to get more and more bizarre before you pass out in a drunken stupor and wake up at home, alone in bed wondering how in the hell you got there. This is the kind of feeling I had when taking this surreal journey. I love it when a writer comes at you from this direction, leading you into a false sense of security before pulling the rug from under your feet. The book has a very intimate feel to it because of the writing style and I’d like to read a lot more by Tiffany Scandal.

‘Shit Luck’ is a very quick read, it works really well and there isn’t a word wasted. There are some outright disturbing scenes of horror, described in graphic detail, some humour and more than a few times early on in the story you will be saying to yourself “yep, I’ve had one of those days before”. Carpe diem seems to be the moral of the story and if you are new to the Bizarro movement then this would be a great place to start due in part to the accessibility and smoothness of the writing. I think that this would make a great movie, such is the way that it is written and the ideas that are on show. Another hit from Eraserhead Press and a totally engaging read.

Pick up a copy from here.

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