Book review: Dark Moon Digest #25


Dark Moon Digest is a quarterly magazine of horror that has a nice balance of short stories and non-fiction articles. I always enjoy the articles by Jay Wilburn and this issue is no exception, here Jay talks about shared universe anthologies, something I am a big fan of. ‘This is Horror’ main man Michael David Wilson contributes a fascinating piece that looks at traditional Japanese horror stories. Although only a short article the piece whet my appetite to delve further into the folklore and myth surrounding Japanese horror. Wilson is obviously knowledgeable about the subject having spent a great deal of time there and his passion for it really shows through.

Editor in chief Max Booth III and Dylan have an amusing look at recent shark movie ‘ The Shallows’ (another one that I missed in theatres), 9 year old Dylan and Max provide some great entertainment and I laughed out way too loud when reading this.

As great as the non-fiction stuff is, it’s the fiction where Dark Moon Digest really shines. Opening with Andrew Novak’s story of child labour, we hear of a series of unusual staff disappearances that cause unease amongst workers. This short tale was an excellent way to kick things off and the ‘Carrie’ like ending was haunting and very well executed. Other highlights see Robert Essig team up with Jack ‘Splatterpunk’ Bantry to give us a tale of VCR horror as a young boy befriends a local video store worker. The friendly worker allows our naive young horror fan to watch whatever he wishes, but things begin to take a sinister twist as the clerk begins to interest the young man in his own self-made horror movies. As you can imagine things don’t go well and our eager young fan gets a little too close to the action.

Dark Moon Digest Issue #25  is another great read and by signing up to PMMP’s Patreon account you can now get this quarterly magazine of dark delight delivered to your ereader for as little as $1.00 per month.

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