Book review: Gunshine State – Andrew Nette


‘Gunshine State’ is a hard-boiled slice of Australian crime fiction from pulp scholar Andrew Nette, and It’s a book I had a great time reading. Taking a little break from dark fiction (in October of all months!), I decided to do back-to-back crime books with this one and ‘Drain Land’ by fellow Australian Iain K. Ryan. The cover art is very slick and gives you an idea as to the sort of pulpy goodness that awaits.

‘Gunshine State’ follows the escapades of Gary Chance; an ex-bouncer and criminal always looking for that one big pay off but gets caught up with the wrong people as things take a turn for the worst on his latest job in south east Queensland.

There is a lot to like about Nette’s novel. The writing is lean and crisp (as good crime books should be, in my opinion) and Chance is a great lead. The locations are very appealing, particularly as I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland’s south east corner, though the sunshine state is merely another stop-off on what is a fast-paced heist thriller. There are twists a plenty and the pacing is spot on with barely a breath being drawn as scores are settled and violence erupts. ‘Gunshine State’ also manages to steer clear of cliche characters. They all have their pros and cons (see what I did there?!) but are believable and engaging, without being over the top crime stereotypes.

If you are a fan of crime fiction or just looking for a high-octane book with interesting locations and a great story then ‘Gunshine State’ will really work for you. Highly recommended.

Pick up a copy of ‘Gunshine State’ from here.

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