Book review: Escape from Bythos – Phil Tucker


I will be reading a lot more fantasy fiction in 2017 as I seem to be rediscovering my love for it. I’ve heard people talking about this series and I thought I’d give this prequel book a whirl. ‘Escape from Bythos’ follows the story of Zekko, a Bythian man who saves the life of Enderl (Lord and Ennoian Knight) whilst on a hunt for a cavedweller (a monster that lives deep inside the mines). Enderl takes Zekko’s children under his wing and into his house as a way of repaying the debt he owes Zekko for saving his life. And so begins the story of Asho (Zekko’s son) in the first book ‘The Path of Flames’.

‘Escape from Bythos’ is a very solid start to a new series featuring interesting characters, great action and some fine fantastical settings. The writing is very good, nice and easy to read and it doesn’t get bogged down with being too descriptive whilst still being clear rich enough to create those epic images inside your mind. Tucker paints a colorful picture of the realm and its inhabitants leaving you on a knife edge as to where the story will go to next.

The short story only amounts to the first half of the book. The second half is the first few chapters from book 1 ‘The Path of Flames’ and this is where it goes from good to great. These opening chapters are fantastic. Set some time after, we join the story in the middle of a battle and follow as things unfold afterwards. Some new characters are introduced and the scene is set for some Fesitastic epic fantasy with magic, war, friendship, love and wonder. I have a few books to get through before I embark upon ‘The Path of Flames’ but I have to say that I’m real excited about reading it.

Pick up a copy of this novella from here.

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