Happy Halloween from the Grim Reader

Sketch with Pencil-2-2016.09.14-05.00.45.png

A friend of mine had fun idea to invite a few folk I chat with through social media to draw an image of their favorite horror movies using a drawing program on their Mac or PC. I wanted to get as many as possible for this but unfortunately October has been a crazy busy month for me personally and I haven’t had much opportunity to promote the idea. The few that did contribute receive my undying gratitude for their efforts and their works are featured below (my effort is the one above :-P).

Social media is a scary place sometimes, and there are a lot of unpleasant folk out there, but there are also some very good people too, people I enjoy conversing with about books, movies, horror, music, anything really. I am grateful for their friendship and the support they give to this site.

I also want to give a shout-out to all the other bloggers and websites out there that bust a gut in  promoting artists from all the different scenes and genres. I have only been doing this for around 6 months, I love it, but it is time consuming and when I finish my degree next year I have no doubt that things will definitely slow right down. I am a one man show. I study full-time at university and am a husband and father of two. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to get the word out about books, publishers and writers that I love and respect because I love the genre and the people involved. There has been a huge amount of support from friends on social media and other bloggers and so I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all. Have a great Halloween and keep on reading, because without you I am nothing.


  1. Hocus Pocus by Jessica McHugh – visit the McHughniverse and find out about Jessica’s books and more here.

nicholson shotbolt.jpg

2. The Shining by Joe Young – Joe is a fellow contributor at Ginger Nuts of Horror and is a dab hand with computer art as you can see.


3. Halloween by Michael Patrick Hicks – Michael is another fine author. Find out more about his work here.


4. Children of the Corn by Lydian Faust – I love this one. I love them all but this movie is one of my faves. Find out more about Lydian here.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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