Book review: Pretty, Pretty Princess – Shane McKenzie


Shane McKenzie strikes me as the type of writer not afraid of experimentation. In the past few months he has gone from hardcore horror with ‘Monster’s Don’t Cry’ to this bizarre little number ‘Pretty, Pretty, Princess’, recently published by Blood Bound Books.

I think it is one of those books you will either like or dislike from the off. Thankfully, this is just the sort of daft, hilarious tale I was looking for. It feels like more of a long novella rather than a novel and it works really well. If you can imagine a cross between Manga anime and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ then you are halfway there to understanding what you are getting yourself into.

The story revolves around our bizarre leads Gavin and Prince Francis of Granada. Francis is a loveless loser who wanders from his wealthy kingdom into the realm to promote P.E.T.P (an acronym for Princes for the Ethical Treatment of Princesses!). On his travels, Francis is accompanied by his wise-cracking pig Gavin (the real star of the show). Gavin is a foul-mouthed, ass-kicking, pork-sword wielding hog that has the filthiest of mouths and the shortest of tempers and steals every scene in the book with his great dialogue and no-nonsense attitude.

‘Pretty, Pretty Princess’ is a bizarre, bloody, highly-sexed homage to Disney, in a weird way that it makes a mockery of the entire organisation and its visual output. McKenzie has a wild imagination and the story is highly entertaining, leaving this reader with a huge smile on his face. Featuring a host of interludes in the way of songs this book isn’t for the easily offended, but those wishing to try out something completely different should really give it a go. I can imagine Shane had a hell of a lot of fun writing this and I know I sure did when reading it.

Pick up a copy of this book from here.

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