Book review: Some will not sleep – Adam Nevill


Adam Nevill is one of the writers responsible for my love of reading horror fiction. I remember some years ago getting an email from Amazon with book recommendations. Among the recommendations was the novel ‘The Ritual’ by Adam Nevill. I loved the cover and so had a read of the synopsis. I was sold! Nevill’s book took me on a frightening journey into the Scandinavian wilderness as a small group of friends seek to reconnect with each other. This harrowing tale is full of macabre images and has some truly frightening scenes. After finishing this I was forever going to be a Nevill fan.

‘Some will not Sleep’ is a collection of eleven literary horror stories that span Nevill’s career and serves as a proverbial feast of elegantly crafted horror fiction from one of the very best in the business. What strikes me most about this collection is that even the earlier stories show a writer in total command of his prose. Nevill’s work is always a pleasure to read and I love how his stories crescendo steadily towards unimaginable horrors. The writing is sublime, often thoughtful and atmospheric. Nevill’s characters are fully realized, always, and even in shorter works it is easy to become attached to them. There is great variety on show with this collection, the stories contained within ‘Some will not Sleep’ are varied in both scope and tone, featuring intriguing plots, a lingering sense of dread and the constant feeling that something isn’t quite right. It isn’t often that I read a short story collection and enjoy every entry, but with this book I did. Personal favorites were ‘ The Original Occupant’ and the fantastic opening tale ‘Where Angels Come In’, though I was totally engrossed reading every one. At the books end there is an essay from Adam that tells the story of how this book was created and a little bit about the horrors that lurk within its pages.

On top of all this it’s clear that Adam Nevill is a writer who takes great pride in his work. This shows through both the editing, layout and the wonderful cover image. ‘Some will not Sleep’ is released on Halloween and I can see no better book to ring in this wonderful time of the year. Excellent stuff.

Pick up a copy from Adam’s website, where you can get this collection in gorgeous hardcover here., or buy from Amazon here.

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