Book review: Rare Breeds – Erik Hofstatter


I think that this is my third review of a book by Erik Hofstatter in as many months and ‘Rare Breeds’ has Hofstatter’s stamp all over it; Nice easy writing, sprinkled with some beautiful passages, a couple of kinky scenes and of course some twisted horror. One thing I like perhaps more than anything else about Hofstatter’s writing is his ability to surprise, to surprise in a way that each of his releases is so different from the last and ‘Rare Breeds’ is another fine example of his work.

I love Erik’s characters. They are always very human, they have faults and little traits that keep there image inside of your mind, leaving you wondering where they are going and what they are doing. ‘Rare Breeds’ is another example of this. It is the story of Aurel and Zora. One the face of it, a fairly ordinary family, only Aurel sleepwalks. When young Livie (Zora’s daughter) witnesses a strange occurrence, a chain of events are set off and lead the story down a very dark and quite odd path. The story builds steadily, becoming more and more strange until we find out the truth about Aurel and his dark past. This leads to a frantic chase for Zora and a macabre ending. I really had no idea where this story was going, so kudos to Hofstatter for coming up with yet another fascinating and creepy tale.

The artwork by Jack Larson is great and his accompanying pictures inside add to the story. The pacing is perfect, with no fluff, interesting characters, a great plot twist and overall it’s just a great story. I have no hesitation in recommending this fine novella from Erik Hofstatter and Dark Silo Press. Great!

Pick up a copy of ‘Rare Breeds’ from here.

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