Book review: Finnegan’s Field – Angela Slatter


I really enjoy a break from my novel reading, and the Tor singles are a great way to pass 45 minutes. Angela Slatter’s ‘Finnegan’s Field’ is a superbly dark tale set in South Australia, where the sudden reappearance of a child, missing for three years, provokes a lot of sideways glances and speculation.

This small-town horror novelette is beautifully written and has an air of quiet unease hovering malevolently above its pages. Slatter’s story touches a nerve through its subject matter of missing children and the discovery that young Madrigal is not what she once was is quite unsettling. Where has she been? why is she so dirty? why does she appear to shimmer? all these questions are soon answered as the story progresses.  Madrigal’s existence in the other place is both harrowing and sad and as a father of two I made the point of holding my children a little bit longer before bed that night. I found the use of Irish folklore works superbly well and the story builds towards a satisfying and quite gory conclusion.

There isn’t really that much more to say other than this is an excellent story and if you haven’t read anything by Angela Slatter before, then this is a great place to start.

Pick up a copy of ‘Finnegan’s Field’ from here.

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