Book review: Bloodwalker – L.X. Cain


‘Bloodwalker’ is my first read by L.X. Cain. You may think from the title that the book is about vampires, but that would be incorrect. ‘Bloodwalker’ is the story of Rurik  (former circus strong man and security chief), and young Sylvie who is a Skomori. The Skomori are sort of carers of the dead and Sylvie is on her way to an arranged marriage, though against her wishes. She becomes involved in the plot arc when she discovers a body, leading to her becoming an outcast among her people . The two story arcs intertwine between Rurik and Sylvie on a quest to discover who is abducting children from the towns the Zorka circus visits.

The word “page-turner” is often overused and sometimes used incorrectly, however, I’ll use it now and say that ‘Bloodwalker’ is indeed a page-turner! It is a mash-up of genres and one that I believe will appeal to readers interested in a variety of different genres, whether you like thrillers, mystery novels, horror, there is something here for you to keep you entertained.

The story is well-written and evenly paced. Importantly, Cain pulls the reader in from the start with a great opening chapter that asks numerous questions. I really enjoyed the mythology behind the Bloodwalkers. It seems they have elements of many different cultures and it is refreshing to read. As for the characters; Rurik is a rugged, heroic, flawed sort of character and I enjoyed the part he plays in the book. The chapters with Sylvie a little less so, but that’s simply my preference. The setting of eastern Europe (mainly Hungary and Romania) is a welcome change from the usual places and the look into the lives of circus performers is also interesting.

I certainly did enjoy ‘Bloodwalker’ and have no hesitation in recommending it to fans of dark fiction looking for something a little different. Great cover art too!

Pick up a copy of this novel from here.

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  1. TinaMarie says:

    I too loved this book. Fell hopelessly in love with Rurik.


    1. adishotbolt says:

      Yeah.I didn’t fall in love with him 😉 but it was good stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

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