Book review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones


Any well-read horror fan should already be well aware of the talents of Stephen Graham Jones. He’s a writer that effortlessly turns out great story after great story and ‘ The Night Cyclist’ is another fine example of the man’s talent.

A original short story, ‘ The Night Cyclist’ is a short tale of supernatural horror. A chef cycling on his way home comes into contact with another rider, one who seems to have an unnatural ability on his bike as well as having a ghoul-like appearance. The death of two local boys has the chef keen to know more about this night cyclist.

‘ The Night Cyclist’ is a great short story. Jones’ keen eye for detail, even in such a short story as this is one of the things that sets him apart from other writers. The little details about cycling and cooking add authenticity to this superb and haunting story that has a quite bloody conclusion. A great ending caps off a very well spent 30 minutes reading.

Pick up a copy for less than a buck from here.

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