Book review: King Carrion – Rich Hawkins


‘King Carrion’ sees Rich Hawkins team up with the Sinister Horror Company for a short novella of vampiric horror straight out of the top drawer. After a brief glimpse into the past, we join Mason; a recovering alcoholic, seeking to piece his life back together after a drink driving incident and time served in prison. He returns home a broken man, penniless, friendless, hoping to hook up with his lost love Ellie.

Things are not what they once were and after spending the night on the street, Mason learns of a series of disappearances among locals and the homeless community. I have enjoyed both ‘Deathcrawl’ and more so ‘Scavengers’ this week, however ‘King Carrion’ feels like a really well focused story and is a sure favorite among the three.

Thankfully, Hawkins steers well clear of the loved-up ‘Twilight-style’ vampires, instead giving us a story filled with shredded throats and streets of blood. Mason is a sad sort. It’s difficult to like him after what he has done, but he does have his moments and when you compare him to the ruthless head vampire, I guess he isn’t really that bad.

Although it’s only a novella, it doesn’t feel rushed. There aren’t endless bit-part characters that hinder the flow of the story. Instead it’s a punchy tale featuring some excellent set pieces and a human protagonist with all sorts of problems both natural and unnatural. When the action comes, it’s frantic stuff; gripping and visceral, just the way we like it.

‘King Carrion’ is a fine addition to the vampire mythos, definitely worth checking out. I Loved it.

Pick up a copy of ‘King Carrion’ from here.

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