Book review: Marta Martinez Saves The World – Victorya Chase


I love Kaiju books and stories. I loved ‘Pacific Rim’ – yes, it was very silly and cheesy, but come on, giant freakin’ robots fighting giant freakin’ monsters from another dimension. What’s not to like about that?

‘Kaiju Revisited’ is a new series of novellas from Apokrupha about…Kaiju! The first in line is this one from Victorya Chase, an author I was not familiar with coming into the book. ‘Marta Martinez…’ is a strange little story. Marta is an engineer, hopelessly in love with jock Clarence Cunningham. When her home appliances begin to grow and develop personalities of their own, Marta knows she has to do something to prevent total destruction. She is aided by her pet cat, her pet toaster! and fellow engineer Jayce.

‘Marta Martinez Saves The World’ is a quirky take on the Kaiju mythos. If you are a fan of Bizarro fiction then I’d say you will get a bit of a kick out of this. For me it didn’t quite hit the mark and was just OK. There is something about giant appliances wreaking havoc that doesn’t quite set my pulse racing the way a three-headed monster can. I applaud Victorya Chase for her originality, and it certainly wouldn’t put me off reading more from her, just so long as there are no white-goods involved.

Pick up a copy of ‘Marta Martinez Saves The World’ from here.


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