Book review: The Con Season – Adam Cesare


‘The Con Season’ seems like a natural progression for writer, Adam Cesare. It features different elements from his previous books in that it has the dark humor found in books such as ‘First One You Expect’ and the gore factor from books like ‘Mercy House’.

The concept of ‘The Con Season’ is great – B-list celebs are invited to take part in a convention in the middle of nowhere for a large fee. The Blood Camp Con isn’t all it seems and our unlucky celebs soon find themselves in a fight for survival against the organizers. Although only a short novel, it does take a little time for the action to really hot up, but when it does, it is wonderful. Cesare’s knowledge of the con scene and the horror genre shines through. He has the knack of describing people being offed in a way that few other writers can and there are definitely a few scenes in the second half of the book to make you squirm.

‘The Con Season’ pays homage to the classic slasher films of the 80s and having attended a convention myself, I felt the characters were spot on. All of their insecurities were on show and they prove to be a colorful bunch. There is a hilarious scene when audience members are having their photos taken with a corpse, thinking it is a part of the show, and  there is a great scene featuring a chainsaw!

I liked this book a great deal. My only criticism would be the pacing was a little up and down. The second half of the book, when the carnage starts is a little stop, go; a great scene of horror and brutality followed by a little more character back story.

Fans of the horror and con scene will find a lot to like about this book and Cesare fans will lap it up too.

Pick up a copy from here.

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