Book review – Eye of the Storm – Frank Cavallo


Do you love to watch those movies screened on a lazy Saturday afternoon? I’m talking ‘The Land that Time Forgot’, ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ and the like. I mean the pulpy movies from the 60s and 70s where dinosaurs roam free, people embark upon journeys through times past and long forgotten. I love that sort of stuff. I grew up with a great affection for these movies and whenever a story falls into my lap that is described as a mix of fantasy and horror then I’m all in.

Frank Cavallo’s ‘Eye of the Storm’ is definitely not breaking any new ground, nor is it trying to be anything other than a damn enjoyable and entertaining book about sorcery, dinosaurs, heroes and villains. The stage is set very early on with the discovery of a body of a Neanderthal which leads to the putting together of an expedition to find out more about this strange creature. Enter ex Navy Seal Eric Slade as the team leader/TV star and Dr Anna Fayne. As our team gets closer to their destination, they come across a rare sight and are transported to a land and time far, far away where a war is brewing. As our weary travelers learn to adapt to their new surroundings they soon find themselves befriending a leper called Kerr. All is not as it seems though and our two castaways embark upon very different paths.

There is a lot to enjoy in ‘Eye of the Storm’, although Slade is a bit of a jock, he gradually becomes more likable as the story progresses, as does the leper, Kerr. The pacing is great, with barely a moments breath between scenes. The dialogue, particularly from Slade is a little cheesy at times, but it fits in well with his personality. The chapters are nice and short meaning when you finish one you tell yourself just one more before you go to sleep and before you know it you are deep into the book. The story motors along towards an epic conclusion between good and evil and for quite a big book, the pages fly by. ‘Eye of the Storm’ doesn’t suffer the same fate as many other fantasy reads by getting swamped in political chit chat. It is a good old fashioned quest style fantasy tale with enough blood and guts to satisfy horror fans too. Good fun!


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TITLE: Eye of the Storm

RELEASE DATE: 08/10/2016

AUTHOR: Frank Cavallo

KEYWORDS: fantasy, adventure, sword & sorcery, wizardry, knights, magic, horror

CATEGORIES: Horror/Fantasy

SYNOPSIS: On a research mission in one of the most remote regions of the world, former Navy SEAL Eric Slade and Dr. Anna Fayne are caught in a mysterious storm. Catapulted through a rift in space-time, they are marooned on a lost world.

Struggling to survive and desperate to find a way home, they must confront the dangers of this savage land—a dark wizard and his army of undead—a warrior queen and her horde of fierce Neanderthals that stands against him—and a legendary treasure with the power to open the gateway between worlds, or to destroy them all: the Eye of the Storm.

ONE LINER: Catapulted into a lost world, Eric Slade and Anna Fayne must hunt down an ancient treasure that holds their only chance to return home.


ISBN: 978-1535327077

IMPRINT: Dark Serpent


AUTHOR BIO: Frank Cavallo is the author of The Hand of Osiris and The Lucifer Messiah. His short stories have appeared in a variety of publications, including Every Day Fiction, Ray Gun Revival, and Lost Souls. He has also written for the Black Library’s Warhammer property, including several short stories in their monthly fiction magazine Hammer & Bolter, as well as a novella featured in the collection Gotrek & Felix: Lost Tales.










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  1. frankcavallo says:

    Just wanted to drop by with a quick note, letting you know how much I appreciated your review. You really hit on exactly what I was trying to do with this novel, from the old time movies and books that inspired it, to the overall notion of a story that’s not trying to be anything other than a vehicle to take readers on a (hopefully) enjoyable ride. There’s no better feeling as a writer than to find that your book has landed in the hands of someone who “gets it.” Much thanks, and happy reading!


    1. adishotbolt says:

      Hey thanks, Frank. I did really enjoy it! Thanks for commenting and best of luck 🙂


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