Book review: Unity – John Leahy


‘Unity’ by John Leahy is a very interesting novel, published by Necro Publications. The lead character is Jonah Gates, a man who after a broken upbringing becomes obsessed with viruses, leading to his eventual hiring by a government agency to create a super-virus. The problem is that Jonah has a few screws loose. He becomes infatuated with a local girl, who goes on to become a film star and will do anything in his power to bring them closer together.

‘Unity’ is the story of how a mans infatuation leads to the collapse of the known world and it proves to be an interesting premise. The virus that Gates creates is very unusual, leading people into committing bizarre sexual acts and attempting to eat whatever they get their hands on. ‘Unity’ isn’t a zombie story – there are no reanimated corpses wandering the streets searching for human flesh.

I kind of felt a little sorry for Gates. His  bleak family life and lack of social skills cause him to find a kind of solace inside of virology text books where his obsession begins. He is a sad, broken character looking for that special someone, and when he finds her, she rejects him time and time again.

‘Unity’ is one of those books that will appeal to a number of different readers. For the horror fans there is plenty of unpleasantness and I think science fiction fans will get a kick out of this too. The book is long enough to not outstay its welcome and the pacing is good , and although there were a couple of character introductions that didn’t really do a great deal for the plot, I really quite enjoyed this read.

To pick up a copy of ‘Unity’ go here.


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