Book review: The Rot – Paul Kane


Gee, Paul Kane had a lot to do with this latest book release. I only say this because his most recent release was the outstanding ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell’ which I heaped praise on here. ‘The Rot’ is completely different and cements Kane as one of the top writers in the genre of dark fiction, in my opinion. First thing to admire about this novella, published by Horrific Tales Publishing is the artwork from Ben Baldwin – quite superb and really gets the juices pumping for a tale of grim, desperate post-apocalyptic fiction.

The story is told in the first person via a series of blog recordings by ex-pilot Adam Keller. A man experimenting with a new body suit called a S.K.I.N. As testing comences things take a sudden and drastic turn foe the worst and Keller is forced into a desperate situation.

There is a lot to like about ‘The Rot’, Adam Keller is a great character, there are no zombies as such and the idea of the S.K.I.N is original and very interesting. It is a grim and dark book filled with dread and hopelessness and just when you think that a there is maybe a glimmer of light at the end of the long tunnel, Kane pulls the rug from underneath your feet, plunging you deeper into a world that is literally falling apart. There are some memorable scenes of gore and Kane manages to pack a lot into this novella without overcrowding it. Aside from Keller, there are only brief appearances by other characters and the ones that do feature aren’t around for very long for a variety of different reasons. The ending to this sad tale is really the icing on the cake and delivers a real punch in the guts after an absorbing and draining read.

Paul Kane is a writer I will always seek out his latest work. He shows a consistency with both the quality of his storytelling and the originality of his ideas. Another great read and another tick in the box for the impressive Horrific Tales Publishing.

Pick up a copy of ‘The Rot’ from here.

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