Book review: Katerina – Erik Hofstatter


I recently read the latest short story collection by Erik Hofstatter and really enjoyed it. You can see my review for that here.

‘Katerina’ is an odd little novelette originally released in 2015. What starts as a dark, erotic story soon manifests into something quite odd as main character Kimil beds a prostitute but begins to notice that something is not quite right with her. Kamil becomes almost infatuated and begins to follow her around. As he does so he notices other strange acts.

I like a bit of sexy horror, and whilst there isn’t anything too horrific going on in this story, Hofstatter has a pleasing, easy-to-read style to his writing that makes the story go by in the blink of an eye. The cover is quite misleading in a way that you may go into this book thinking it is a Vampire story, and kudos to Hofstatter for pulling the rug out from under my feet with the truly strange turn of events.

I definitely think Hofstatter’s writing has improved since this book. He still has that smooth styling where is stories don’t get bogged down with endless descriptions and unnecessary characters. There were a couple of times when some of the phrasing felt a little forced but overall I did enjoy this short book. It had a quirky twist, was engaging and had just enough sex to not go too over the top. The setting of Prague was great and provided a welcome change from other more frequently read about places such as the U.S. I’m not sure if Kamil is a very likable character – he treats Katerina with disdain and seems disgusted with himself over his actions but he was certainly interesting and perhaps I saw a little of myself (at a younger age, of course) in him.

I like seeing writers grow and Erik Hofstatter has certainly done that. ‘Katerina’ is a good, quick read and a great escape for an hour or so.

Pick up a copy of ‘Katerina’ from here.

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