Book review: Bed of Crimson Joy – Jasper Bark


For his latest release, ‘Bed of Crimson Joy’, Jasper Bark hops into the bed with Nightwatch Press (see what I did there?!), and once again delivers a short slice of sexed-up horror that features his trademark wit and engaging storytelling. Rose and Stanley are a typical elderly couple, merely going through the motions in a dour sounding relationship devoid of any real spark. Rose secretly regrets never being able to give birth but all that is about to change when one day the couple are asked to house sit and in doing so they make a strange discovery in an upstairs bedroom that reignites their passion but at a huge cost!

Bark has the uncanny ability to create these stories with great ease. Humor and horror are two things that can work well together, but at the same time can also end up leaving the reader a little underwhelmed. Bark never leaves me feeling unsatisfied. His stories are incredibly easy to read and I always feel he is in total control. Each of his character serves a purpose and aren’t simply included to try and make up the numbers. They are often easily to relate to, almost as if they live on the same street as you and the dialogue is never forced but smooth flowing and has a real easy conversational tone to it.

‘Bed of Crimson Joy’is the sort of bonkers horror story that could only come from the mind of Jasper Bark. It’s a quick read, but huge fun and a truly original concept. Read easily in a single sitting, Bark turns this strange little tale into something much more devious and grotesque by its ending. For me, it didn’t quite hit the heights of ‘Run to Ground’, released earlier this year and reviewed here, but it’s still great stuff.

Pick up a copy of ‘Bed of Crimson Joy’ from here.

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