Book review: Revolver – Michael Patrick Hicks


‘Revolver’ is another short story from Michael Patrick Hicks, set in a future United States that is being torn apart by civil unrest. It’s a county controlled by fear through the media.

This is an angry story, one that goes straight for the jugular in a most unapologetic but engaging way. ‘Revolver’ is a game show where contestants raise money for their stricken families before killing themselves on live television.

Despite its short length, ‘Revolver’ packs a huge punch. It’s a sci-fi story with a social conscience that will make you take a hard look at the way social media operates and can turn people into monsters. There are other themes touched on here too, such as gun control. It really is a fascinating piece. The breakneck pacing works brilliantly as war rages outside of the studios where Revolver is being recorded. The whole story felt like it was being told to me as a full scale riot was going on outside my window.

Just how far into the future is this work of fiction set? (And I use the term fiction, sparingly), who knows? A lot of what happens in this story resonates with what we see and what we read in our very lives today. ‘Revolver’ is a great story, bristling with tension, unflinching with its descriptions and thoughtful. I get the feeling that people who misunderstand this may need to perhaps take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. Great work Mr Hicks.

Purchase a copy of ‘Revolver’ from here.

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