Book review: Let Go – Michael Patrick Hicks


I used to devour zombie fiction like there was no tomorrow. I’ve read some great stuff and some not so great stuff. ‘Let Go’ is the sort of zombie story that I like. The living dead are a background feature to what is essentially a tale about loss and perhaps unsurprisingly letting go. Everett is the main character; a widower struggling to come to terms with the loss of his soulmate, Lucille. He shambles through what is left of his life, whilst secretly yearning for release so that he can once again be reunited with his love. A return visit to a diner where he used to frequent turns into a fight for survival as the living dead rise.

Hicks does well with such a short story (less than an hour’s reading on Kindle) in creating a three-dimensional character that you quickly become incredibly fond of in Everett. The frequent recollections of Everett’s past help develop his character, whilst steering clear of becoming too mushy. The other characters are mearly secondary to Everett, though they are given just enough flesh so you can get that image in your mind of what they look like.

A different setting, but this reminded me of another great short zombie tale by Rob Hart, which similarly had a fully realized protagonist in what was essentially a short story, but had that emotional punch and depth that few can pull off, especially with this type of story.

‘Let Go’ isn’t going to revolutionize zombie fiction, and it isn’t meant to either. What it is though is a well-written story that features some great characterization and enough violence to please hardened zombie fans.

If you are looking for a quick break from a novel or fancy a quick z-read then this is a fine place to start.

Purchase a copy of ‘Let Go’ from here.

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