Cover art spotlight: George Cotronis



Cover art – it can make or break a book. It can be the difference in a book selling 30 copies or 300 copies or 3000 copies!

As a reader, I have actually purchased books on the cover art alone. It is imperative that the book looks good. If your cover is half-arsed then perhaps the writing is too? that’s my take on it when I see poor book art. Now I know, generally speaking that writers don’t have endless amounts of cash, but if you believe in the quality of your work then you need a quality book cover.

Most of the stuff I read is dark. Dark fiction is my thing, and one of the very best cover artists in the genre is George Cotronis. Right now, George has a challenge going on. He is creating 30 covers in 30 days over at As well as producing kick-ass art, George also edits, writes and is head cheese at Kracken Press..


He has pre-made covers available for a very reasonable price over at his website along with contact details should you wish to hire him for an upcoming project. If you are looking for some original, striking art then you should definitely go check him out at I think you will find that George has covers for all budgets.




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