Book review: Milk-Blood – Mark Matthews


How about this for one of the most disturbing book covers you have seen?! And let me tell you that the content is equally as harrowing.

I love the horror genre and all of its sub-genres. Urban horror is a particular favorite of mine; it’s horror that exists in the real world, a horror that we see on a regular basis through TV, online and sometimes on the same street. ‘Milk-Blood’ is a very personal journey for Mark Matthews, as the author notes scattered throughout the book suggest, Matthews has faced many demons and fortunately for us and his family and friends he lives to tell the tale. And what a tale it is. This dark journey into drug addiction is not an easy reading experience, and when you think about the subject matter, it really shouldn’t be either.

‘Milk-Blood’ is my first read by Matthews and definitely not my last. He skilfully blends the natural with the supernatural but not simply for cheap scares. The book will make your skin crawl, have you itching and scratching at your arms for days afterwards and leave you feeling exhausted at its end. Lilly is the main character and is utterly engaging and one that you become instantly attached to, which is quite a feat when you consider the books short length. Some of the others will make you wince wince with discomfort. Matthews manages to push your emotions to their very limits in a story that features some of the most vile characters I have ever read about.

‘Milk-Blood’ isn’t a long book and I finished it in two sessions. I think the length of it is good, a much longer, drawn-out novel could’ve been too much for this reader.

Perhaps I have painted this to be a depressing and bleak read, and if you want cheering up after a long week at work then this book won’t do it. However, of you are looking for something to give you food for thought and challenge you emotionally then this will be the book for you. An excellent read.

Pick up a copy of ‘Milk-Blood’ from here.

Edit: Mark recently agreed to be a part of my new feature BTB Storytellers and I know that this is a story you won’t want to miss!

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