BTB Storytellers is coming soon…

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I love the 90s, and one of the reasons for this is the great music that was around.  VH1 Storytellers is a show produced in the United States by the VH1 network and features some of today’s finest musical talent in an intimate setting where the artists perform some of their songs live, but more importantly they tell the story behind the song. So far artists such as David Bowie, Billy Joel, R.E.M, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West and Jay-Z have all entertained audiences with their art and their stories. I have always been fascinated with the mechanics of songwriting and music composition. As a musician myself I am able to fully appreciate all of the elements that performers bring together to create a piece of art.

Early last week I had an idea! Recently I have interviewed some of my favorite writers and publishers and one of my favorite questions to ask is where a story comes from. So, I thought that I’d take this a step further and this brings us here to BTB Storytellers. Starting on Sunday 3rd September (Australian time) I will begin a new feature at Beavis the Bookhead; a feature that invites a whole host of writers from around the globe to share the story behind their story. I truly believe this will provide a fascinating insight into how these writers work and where they get their ideas from. I’m hoping you might discover a few new writers and so I will be including links to their various works, blogs, websites etc.

Only yesterday I put the call out for interested parties on social media. I had no idea as to the sort of response I would get. I was thinking if I could get two or three writers to participate then that would be great! however, so far the response has exceeded even my wildest expectations and I can’t wait to start sharing these stories with you.

BTB Storytellers will commence on Sunday 3rd September.

Thanks for the continued support, likes, comments, interactions and shares on Facebook and Twitter and I hope you enjoy this new feature.



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