Book review: Aimee Bancroft and The Singularity Storm – Daniel Marc Chant

1 Aimee Bancroft.jpg

What happens when Daniel Marc Chant leaves horror behind (temporarily, of course), and ventures into the cosmic void that is science-fiction!

Well, if you like your science-fiction pulpy, filled with underwater cities and aquafolk (new word there, people!), then I am pleased to report that Mr Chant has come up trumps with this novella that gave me everything I expected and more. The cover is wonderful and Chant releases his inner Doug McClure with a tale of high adventure set in another world. This story could easily be imagined on your TV, on a lazy Saturday afternoon straight after ‘The Land Before Time’.

Aimee Bancroft is a terrific tale set in a magical underwater world. The story is immense fun. Aimee gets caught up in a freak storm and is transported to another world! I often find the science-fiction genre a little disengaging due to its over reliance on actual science. I want monsters, other worlds, space craft, gripping escapes, not the physics behind space travel! I can look at that sort of stuff on the internet so leave it out of my fiction, please!

The fact that this is a novella makes me want more. I can easily imagine a Buck Rogers style series going on with Aimee Bancroft. She is a fantastic character, brimming with confidence, quick witted and eager to explore. Aimee is undoubtedly the star of the show but there are some other great characters too. I particularly enjoyed Sergent Arkon – a bumbling fists-first type character that isn’t the brightest star in the sky!

If you are a fan of any of the above mentioned movies/shows then you need to check this out. Great pulpy space fun.

Buy this book from here.

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