Feature: Lamplight Magazine.


I thought that it was about time I brought your attention to a great little magazine that I subscribe to that I feel not enough people know about. ‘Lamplight’ is a quarterly magazine of dark fiction that has featured some of the very best writers around and will continue to do so for a long time to come, I hope.

Edited by Jacob Haddon, the latest issue features a doozy of a novelette from Jonathan Janz along with an interview! Whilst the story from Mr Janz is actually quite different from his usual style, it’s nevertheless a superb piece of urban horror featuring a family that is pulled apart through the fathers past mistakes. This issue also features some other shorter works of fiction and a very well-written piece by Kevin Lucia, where he looks at cosmic horror-studying its origins, its present standings and looking towards the future. The cover art is always simplistic, but haunting and is perfect for the sort of dark words you will find inside.

Past issues of this magazine have featured Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Damien Angelica Walters, Nate Southard, Kealan Patrick Burke, Ronald Malfi…and, really, the list goes on.

I have just renewed my subscription to this magazine via Apokrupha, and let me tell you, for as little as $10 US, you get 5 issues of the magazine, delivered straight to your inbox!

Volume 1 Issue 1 is free via this link.


I always enjoy reading ‘Lamplight’ and if you like dark fiction then I am sure that you will too. For more information, go see Apokrupha and don’t forget to pick up that FREE issue to see what I am talking about.

Thanks for reading.





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