Book review: Wizard’s War – Phillip Tomasso


‘Wizard’s War’ is the sequel to ‘Wizard’s Rise’ and sees Mykal’s journey to rid the land of The Mountain King – Herman Cordillera continue.

I enjoyed the first book, though it wasn’t quite dark enough for me and I did find some of the characters a little too stereotypical. ‘Wizard’s War’ is much improved for me. Mykal in particular does a lot less moping about in this book and now seems to realise the role that he must play if they are to rid the kingdom of evil (Mwahahahahahah).

‘Wizard’s War’ is still a more attractive book to teenage fantasy fans, though this book is certainly darker than the first one and the pacing is much better. There are some great characters in this book, from the evil Mountain King to the ever likable Blodwyn and Quill and a couple of newer ones that you become quite attached to. The main character is still Mykal; still young and coming to terms with his mage ability, he is more confident and certainly stronger in this book, which I enjoyed. A word of warning: If you don’t like spiders, then this book might require that you skip a few scenes. One in particular that takes place in the bedroom of the Mountain King’s castle seriously gave me the creeps!

There are some great action scenes in this book and some fantastic locations. Thankfully this book doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming bogged down with endless politics. I don’t mind a little politics in my fantasy, but sometimes it’s like I am watching the 6 o’clock news! because of this, ‘Wizard’s War’ is a straightforward and really enjoyable quest-style fantasy that features engaging characters, a good pace and an exciting story line. If you enjoyed the first book then I think you will enjoy this one even more. Fans of Raymond E. Feist’s ‘Magician’ trilogy will also find plenty to enjoy here. With book three ‘Queens of Osiris’ coming soon, I will be interested to see where this one goes next.

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