Book review: Dark Moon Digest #24


My current TBR can be seen from outer space but that doesn’t stop this reader from making a little time and a little room for the latest issue of ‘Dark Moon Digest’ – a quarterly zine of horror fiction that always delivers great stories and interesting non-fiction pieces too.

Issue#24 is no different from the previous ones in that it caters for all horror readers needs with stories of great variety. The first one that caught the eye was by Gordon White – His short story ‘Clara Walkers Little Death’ is a strange one about rebirth and I really enjoyed it. ‘ Death in Paradise’ was great fun. When the business of burying people starts to slow down in a sleepy little town, a man goes to extreme lengths in order to drum up some business, but things get out of hand when a strange business proposition presents itself. The next couple of stories were also very good. ‘Shifting Sands’ had a great ending and I also enjoyed ‘Reunited’ by Adrian Ludens. The real jewel in the crown though was ‘7 Ways to Avoid Stalkers, Murderers and Other Deviants’ by Matt Andrew. All I will say about this one is to be very careful with what sort of information you provide on social media, because you just never know who is watching!

The non-fiction by George Lea is excellent, looking at John Carpenter’s movies and how they can be interpreted. ‘Bits of the Dead’ by Jay Wilburn is a heartfelt piece that will make you sit back and perhaps reflect on what really matters in life. The zine finishes with the first chapter of Jessica McHugh’s ‘The Train Derails in Boston’ which I have read and highly recommend.

I always enjoy this magazine a great deal. The fiction is varied and of a high quality. The non-fiction is excellent and breaks things up nicely. This might be my favorite issue to date.

Visit Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing to find out more about Dark Moon Digest, or go here to purchase from Amazon.

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