Book review: Kids – Paul M. Feeney


Novella number 3 in this series from Dark Minds Press comes from Paul M. Feeney. Last year saw the release of another novella from Paul M. Feeney in the shape of ‘The Last Bus’ – a Sci-Fi, B-Movie style horror tale about a group of people caught up in an alien attack! This latest novella follows the horrors of a family that escape to their parents large mansion in the country with their three children and some friends for some fun and relaxation. Things begin to turn very sour, very quickly as the children, unexpectedly turn into blood-thirsty killing machines!!

‘Kids’ is a step-up from Paul’s last novella and feels more rounded as a story. The characters are generally quite strong, though some are simply meat for the grinder, the two leads in Matt and Julie are realistic and don’t make any really dumb decisions that can often plague books of this sort. The setting of the house is very good. A feeling of remoteness and isolation prevails as the adults seek escape from the long, dark corridors where fear lurks inside of every shadow. The most interesting aspect about the book though is the fact that the monsters in this story are children, and not only that, they are family. This raises all sorts of questions, such as what would you do? you have seen your offspring brutally murder a friend, but, it is still your son/daughter…so, how would you react? The characters seem torn about the course of action, regarding their children adding to the realness of the story.

I felt like I was watching a slasher film from the 1980s when I read this novella, and this is a good thing as the 80s were a very special time for me and I enjoyed them immensely. Movies like ‘Child’s Play’ were a staple part of my visual diet, so I have a fondness for this sort of horror. This novella certainly isn’t breaking any new ground, but it isn’t meant to. What it is is a fast-paced, gruesome read that features an engaging cast of characters in a desperate fight for survival. If this sounds like your bag, then ‘Kids’ is the book for you.

You can pick up a copy of ‘Kids’ from here.


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