Book Review: The Sludge – David Bernstein


A leaking barrel of toxic waste deep within a forest causes carnage in this pulpy, fun read from David Bernstein. Bernstein has a knack of writing these sort of b-movie style books with the greatest of ease. They take me back to the days of my visits to the Video store, the horror section filled with all manner of cheesy, gory movies that were low on quality acting and dialogue but high on entertainment and blood.

The cover art pretty much tells you exactly what you are getting with this story. It made me think of a cross between ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Swamp Thing’. David Bernstein writes horror that is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, the sort of book you can quickly become lost inside, finish within a couple of hours with a huge smile upon your face.

‘The Sludge’ isn’t the sort of book you read for in-depth character development. The two foolhardy thieves that encounter the toxic material are constantly bickering with each other. They’re a typical redneck pairing and provide some genuine moments of comedy. The brothers then encounter a group of hikers and are plunged into a fight for survival as the monster begins to mutate and wreak havoc.

I always know that I will enjoy anything by David Bernstein. He writes the kind of escapist, b-movie books that I love to read. If you’re searching for a fun horror book to waste away a couple of hours then you could do a hell of a lot worse than ‘The Sludge’. Great stuff.

Pick up a copy of ‘The Sludge’ from here.

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