Book review: Come into the Light – Stephen O’Rourke


‘Come into the Light’ was certainly a strange book. It is a novella at around 60 pages and one that wastes little time in getting going. A daring escape sees protagonist Harry escape the clutches of the strange sun god/entity thing that is using mind control to turn people into loyal followers called ‘Sunbies’.

I am not in any way a religious person and ‘Come into the Light’ has a lot of religious overtones (I think?!). I think that I understood what the author was trying to do with this book. The sun god/entity is seen as a monster by those not loyal, whereas to its followers they only see people being saved. The sun god can take multiple forms (such as a spider or liquid light!) and there is a young girl; Amy (who has autism) who is only person who can’t succumb to the sun gods mind control, because of her condition. It is ironic, I suppose, that it is Amy who can help the resistance flee the city as her autism and lack of understanding of feelings/emotions means that she cannot be controlled by the sun god. Autism is a condition that is often recognised as a disability rather than being a difference. Some religions and people in general look down upon people with disability and so here is where the irony lies in the fact that it is she that can help the resistance escape.

Protagonist Harry is a confused sort; part of a resistance, he wants to escape the city (and hopefully the god tyrant that rules). We don’t get to know too much about the characters in the story (it’s really short) and this could’ve been explored a little better.

Much like another book I reviewed here recently Scott Nicolay’s ‘Noctuidae’ I feel ‘Come into the Light’ would’ve worked better either as a short story or fleshed out into a novel.

Maybe I have read too much into the books meaning or maybe I have missed the mark all together, I am not entirely sure. It certainly is an interesting read and sci-fi fans will dig what Stephen O’Rourke has done. Extra points for another excellent cover by Matthew Revert (reminded me of those cool sci-fi movies from the 70s like ‘Logans Run’)

Pick up a copy of ‘Come into the Light’ from here.

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