Book Review: Lights Out – Nate Southard


I read this book a couple of years back when it was published by Deadite Press. Sinister Gin Press have recently re-released it with some slick new cover art to boot and so I decided to read it again. I have so much stuff on my TBR that I don’t do re-reads very often, but I remember having a great time with this book when it was originally released and wondered if time had dulled my appreciation for it.

Spoiler alert…


‘Lights Out’ is a vampire novel. It’s a vampire novel that doesn’t pull any punches. These vamps don’t have the picture-perfect features, smooth skin or the six pack abs. These vamps pull back the head, slash the throat and drink until the body is dry. Evisceration  is the name of the game here, this is the sort of vampire novel I want to read. The novel has a lot going for it; that being the pace, atmosphere and the setting inside the prison. What is worse: Being surrounded by hardened criminals or being hunted by a bloodthirsty vampire? Not an easy decision to make! The prison adds to the already claustrophobic atmosphere and there is a hopelessness that lingers throughout the book. Most of the cast are obviously prisoners, stereotypical on the outside it seems, though Southard presents them in an interesting way; some you will despise, whilst others you may even grow to like and respect. The pacing is fast and furious with barely a breath before the next battle for survival.

‘Lights Out’ doesn’t do anything radical or particularly new with the vampire theme, but that doesn’t matter. I didnt want anything else but to be entertained by a book featuring one of the horror genres most enduring characters. At its heart it is a gory action-packed book that will leave you with a desire to check out more from Nate Southard.

Pick up a copy of ‘ Lights Out’ from here.

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