Book Review: Drowned Worlds – Anthology


In a marketplace that is flooded with anthologies, it can sometimes be difficult in picking the right one. I like the idea of an anthology that has a theme behind it, one that is not content with being just another science fiction anthology but instead has asked writers to come up with a story based around a subject. This new collection of collected fiction from award winning editor Jonathan Strahan features sixteen tales about drowned worlds-worlds where the oceans have risen to catastrophic depths, plunging men and women into despair and hiding.

I was really attracted to the theme of this anthology, and although one or two of the stories didn’t quite hit the bullseye for me, a large majority of them did and in doing so showcased the depth of talent (see what I did there?!) the genre has to offer. Some of the featured writers are well-known, award winners in their own right and so you expect great things and thankfully they delivered.

I was impressed with the variety of stories on offer. All of the contributors created their own visions of what effects a drowned world would have upon us. I particularly enjoyed ‘Venice Drowned’ by Kim Stanley Robinson-a tale in which somebody makes a living by providing tours around the Italian Coast. Considering the length of the story, I had a real good idea of what the coast looked like thanks to the vivid descriptions. ‘Brownsville Station’ by Christopher Rowe provided another very different look as did ‘The Future is Blue’ by Catherynne M. Valente-a first-person narrative that stood up extremely well. James Morrow also provided a highlight with ‘Only Ten More Shopping Days Till Ragnorock – a great story about a couple who discover a strange community living in the North Pole.

Anthologies are a great way to find new authors. ‘Drowned Worlds’ has some really excellent stories inside and an appealing overarching theme. Science-fiction fans would be well advised to pick up a copy when released in early July.

Check out more about this anthology from here.

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