Book Review: Stone Work – Dominic Stabile


‘Stone Work’ is the latest release from Mirror Matter Press and author Dominic Stabile. I haven’t read anything by Stabile before so I went in unsure of what to expect. Stone is the main character in the story; a rough and ready type who lets his gun do the talking, a scarred mercenary for hire. He is also a man of few words. He blasts his way through the story with sidekick and fellow ass kicker Megan in this frantic, dystopian treat.

‘Stone Work’ is a huge amount of fun. It is a real smorgasbord of genres with aspects of horror, science fiction and thriller. I loved the main character Stone; for me, he was a mix between Bruce Willis and Judge Dredd whilst the narrative itself had a sort of comic book/Hellboy vibe going on (very cool). The action is great and the story is easy to follow. Stabile shows a great imagination with some of the beasts that he creates and drops you into the thick of things straight away where Stone is thrown into a tricky situation. From there on in it is time to buckle up and enjoy this wild ride. There is some Lovecraft influence scattered throughout, particularly when our protagonists visit the mysterious building owned by Plumb Incorporated; a place that houses beasts and creatures from another dimension.

‘Stone Work’ is a fast-paced thriller into the heart of a dystopian future where all is not as it seems. There are moments where the story verges on the bizarre and for all those Trekkies out there you will find some odd references to the popular series (and no, I’m not joking!).

Sometimes, when books try to cram as much into them as Dominic Stabile has with ‘Stone Work’ the reader can be left feeling exhausted and confused. Thankfully, this is not the case; largely this is down to Stabile’s easy to read style. The book had a real nice flow to it and never once did my interest wane.

I am broadening my reading over the next few months with some sci-fi, thrillers, noir and some Bizarro fiction too. ‘Stone Work’ has a little bit of all three, so I am off to a great start. It is a little bit different to my usual fare but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I hope that we see more from Mr Stone in the future.

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Synopsis for Stone Work

  • Publication Date: June 15, 2016
  • Publisher: Mirror Matter Press
  • Publication Length: 120 pages

City stands in the irradiated dunes of America, nearly two centuries after the Final War. The wall surrounding it is a buffer for the wasteland inhabitants who covet entrance, and a trap for the citizens smothering in its polluted air and drowning in its blood-filled streets.

Stone is a criminal for hire. Robbed of his loved ones and scarred almost beyond recognition, he navigates City’s darkest corners, doing some of its darkest deeds. In this collection, he’ll pursue an elusive thief, bent on raising an army of juiced up mutants. He’ll break into the office building of a mysterious corporation, only to find the executives are less into sending faxes and more into performing hexes.

In the final chapter, he’ll track a man through the Alleys of South City with the help of his tech savvy partner, Megan, and together they’ll face the sentient darkness of City’s deepest underbelly, and confront the violent potential of City’s most dangerous cults.

Part Blade Runner. Part Sin City. Stone Work is an action-packed ride through the rain-slicked streets of a dark, unforgiving urban landscape, rife with sadistic criminals, inter-dimensional abominations, and a creeping darkness that seeks to erase the last, now almost mythical traces of human goodness left in a world always teetering over the edge of its own extinction.


Dominic Stabile’s short fiction has appeared in Fossil Lake III: Unicornado!, Sanitarium Magazine, The Horror Zine, Atticus Review, Far Horizons, and has been adapted as a radio play by Manor House Productions. He has held jobs as a warehouse worker, cashier, bookstore associate, textbook manager, and carpenter. He’s a born southerner, transplanted to Penobscot, Maine by a desperate desire to escape retail work. When not writing or reading, he enjoys horror, sci-fi, and noir films, westerns, and bourbon.

Read his blogs on all things horror at

Praise for Dominic Stabile

“With Whiskey for Breakfast, Dominic Stabile provides a page turning mystery that kept me guessing as to who the real killers might be.” – Brenda Casto,

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