Book Review – Dark Moon Digest #23


Dark Moon Digest #23 recently found its way onto my Kindle. I really enjoyed the last issue, it featured terrific shorts by John C. Foster, Patrick Lacey and Benoit Lelievre. Could this issue live up to the same high quality standards of the last? Yep! and then some. Things certainly get off to a great start with ‘The Hum’ – a tale about a man who can’t seem to be rid of the constant sound from between his ears and from there on things get even better. ‘Opposite Day’ was weird, but in a good way and I really dug ‘The Night Wire’ by H. F. Arnold. ‘They Were Pale and They Came Out of the West’ by David Antrobus was excellent, however my favourite story turned out to be the longest one too.  ‘Don’t Listen to the Doctor in the Dungeon’ by Patrick Moody was a tale about the end of the world, which is brought about by a doctors experiments with the recently deceased. Yes, it is a zombie tale but I really enjoyed it.

There are two non-fiction articles inside the book also. I really enjoyed Jay Wilburn’s view on the workings of the Horror Writers Association. As an outsider (and a reader) looking in, I have often cared little for the HWA, purely because of the reasons that Wilburn states. It seems to be a closed group that does little for the readers and fans of horror fiction, instead all their energies seem to be directed inwards to the members with little thought about the readers of horror fiction. Wilburn doesn’t bag out the organisation but instead voices his own thoughts and I agree with him 100%.

The second article by Vincenzo Bilof is also a good read. Vincenzo discusses the legacy of H. P. Lovecraft and the accusations of racism in his work. This was a really well written piece that links in well with his recent release, ‘The Violators’ – a book that is itself controversial yet compulsive reading for those that are brave enough.

Dark Moon Digest #23 also features an excerpt from Bob Pastorella’s weird crime novella ‘Mojo Rising’ and it is an excellent read, particularly if you are looking for something a little different.

I really like this quarterly digest. The stories are always engaging and varied. I love finding new writers to follow and the essays really break things up nicely with insightful think pieces. It is a zine well worth your time and money.

Pick up a copy of this ace zine from here.

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