Book Review: Chaos Halo – Mark Cassell


Mark Cassell escapes the Shadow Fabric and turns his hand to writing science fiction with pleasing results. Broken up into six parts ‘Chaos Halo: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Kill’ follows the story of Abigail; A sort of cyborg who escapes from the ruling power and goes on a bloody mission through a future landscape to find out the truth about herself and the rulers of the cities.

This is a fast and furious collection that features some cool technology, heads exploding into red mist and plenty of action. More is revealed about our protagonist throughout the story as she teams up with another cyborg type character called Quiver who also used to work for the powers that be.

This was a good escape for an hour or so. The world is quite well fleshed out considering the books short length. There are some cool ideas and characters and I did enjoy the books setting. There is an overarching theme of struggle between the classes. The rich dine on fine foods and live in the city whilst the poor survive on animals and ‘mutritions’ – a sort of food tablet.

Mark Cassell isn’t afraid to try something different and ‘Chaos Halo’ is an entertaining future romp. I did wish it was a little longer but there is more to come from Abigail and co.

You can pick up a copy from here.

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