Book Review: Dragon Hunters – Marc Turner


There are some truly exceptional writers within the fantasy genre. I could come up with at least ten that consistently release quality work and I am pleased to report that you can add Marc Turner to that list. “Dragon Hunters” is the second book in the “Chronicle of Exile” series, though it can be read quite easily as a standalone novel. ‘Dragon Hunters’ features all of the necessary ingredients for a ripper of a book; strong characters, great world building, exciting action scenes and political intrigue.  I love to read a novel that shows character progression and this book certainly does that. Quite often people start out a mystery, but over the course of the book they flourish into characters with depth and personality.

The story takes place over a short period of time, the lead up to Dragon Day; a time when the storm lords converge and seek to bring down the scaly monstrosities that roam the oceans. These dragons are certainly not the fluffy hop-on-my-back type. They are blood thirsty wrecking balls with impenetrable bodies and death glowing inside their eyes. This is an absolute blockbuster of a story. It marks the end of rule for the leader of the storm lords and Imerle Poliver, who has no intention of going quietly. Imerle oversees a plot to sabotage Dragon Day! However, Imerle isn’t the only one plotting and scheming. A whole heap of other things happen too in a tale that twists and turns throughout with unexpected outcomes, frantic set pieces and thoroughly intriguing characterisation.

Many of the cast have abilities that make them formidable foes. Water Mages, stone warriors, these are just a couple of the many characters involved in this tale. There are quite a few characters introduced early on in the story, which can lead to a little confusion, but things do settle down and we get to spend more time with the key figures in the story. Turner doesn’t show off with his dragons straight away, he teases, but when they arrive it truly is a wonderful moment. I know people outside of the genre frown upon the consistent use of dragons in fantasy, but these sea dragons are superb and add a real element of the fantastic to the narrative.

2016 looks like a busy year for Marc Turner with book 3 scheduled for release in September. I hope we get to see some of these characters again. This really is an excellent read.


Pick up a copy of ‘Dragon Hunters’ from here.

Stay tuned for an interview with Marc Turner coming very soon!!

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  1. I love Marc Turner’s books, he’s one of my favourite authors, eagerly awaiting his next book. I will look forward to reading your interview with him. 🙂


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