Book Review: The Train Derails in Boston – Jessica McHugh


‘The Train Derails in Boston’ is my second read in as many weeks by Jessica McHugh. The other book ‘The Green Kangaroos’ was a very different beast to the one I just read. You can read my thoughts on that here.

When I saw a sneak peak of the cover art for this one I was definitely intrigued and keen to get my hands on a copy. As well as releasing great books, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing work with great cover artists and the latest release from Jessica McHugh is no exception. The cover art hints as to what sort of a book you are letting yourself in for, once reading begins, McHugh throws the shackles to the floor and a darkly sexual journey waits.

Without going too much into the plot of the book; a family move to a new house and discover unexpected pleasure and pain within its walls. McHugh leaves nothing to the imagination with this one, plunging the reader into a sex-filled story of a family being haunted and torn apart. This book will make you feel dirty once you have finished it; It is literally dripping with bodily fluids. As with the other book I read by Jessica McHugh, little time is wasted with things getting going almost straight away. The pacing throughout the book is generally very good, although at times early on it does become a little bit of a sex overload; however I still found myself satisfied at the books end.

The characters are very real, not entirely likable, more intriguing, and the sex is X-rated. But, it’s not all about the sex as there are some truly memorable scenes of horror that are both graphic and shocking. ‘The Train Derails in Boston’ lives up to its name. The whole story felt to me like a slow motion train wreck as the characters become embroiled in a depraved game of survival against a horde of sex-hungry spirits. The book does jump around a little in time but it is easy to follow and once again McHugh’s writing is strong.

This is another fine book from Jessica McHugh-a versatile author not afraid of shocking and surprising her readers. Fans of Edward Lee will get a real kick out of this novel. Great stuff.

You can pick up a copy from here.

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