Book Review: The Yacht – Iain Rob Wright


Infected Books continue their run in the year of zombie with novella number 3 from Iain Rob Wright. The previous two novellas have been very good. I thoroughly enjoy this form of story as it doesn’t have the fat of a novel, which, especially with z-fiction is something I can do without.

What has impressed me so far regarding the series is the variety on offer. I overdosed on z-fiction a couple of years ago and became kind of desensitized with the genre. There seemed to be a horde of people writing in the genre and it became difficult to find the gems amongst a lot of rubbish. Thankfully, Infected Books head honcho David Moody knows a great story when he reads one and with a new novella appearing every month, competition must be fierce, so quality is important.

Iain Rob Wright is no stranger to the zombie genre. His books “Ravage” and “Savage” are excellent examples of what happens when authors get it right, building on the horror of a plague ravaged world with characters you care about and despise. “The Yacht” takes place on…yep, you guessed it, a yacht, where a wealthy couple are struggling to hold onto their marriage. Only problem is Ross Tyler isn’t alive anymore! There are few characters in this book and the tension increases as new ones are introduced. The yacht is a great setting for a horror book. The feeling of being trapped and isolated is brought to the fore well in this short tale.

What follows is a short zombie tale that is very original and entertaining. The twist at the end was great and though this isn’t my favourite year of zombie novella thus far, it certainly doesn’t disappoint. I have read a lot of Iain’s books and he is a writer I know I can go to and find quality horror reads. The year of zombie continues…

You can pick up a copy of The Yacht from here.

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    Great review 😊


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